Serving Evergreen & the surrounding foothill communities

Why go to a one-size-fits-all training company when you can have a customized
training program made for you and your family at an affordable price?  Our goal is
a well-rounded, happy and social family dog.  Our training and support will provide
you with the tools and understanding to communicate with your dog and to
achieve your training and behavioral goals.  

Whether you just want your dog to be able to go to the coffee shop and lay quietly
under the table, walk politely on a leash or you want to train your dog to defend
you -- we do that!

We offer private & group lessons & Doggie daycare rundowns, Walk and
trains Plus we do allot more for our clients.

Private Lessons

In Home Lessons

We start by meeting you, your family and of course your dog in your home
environment.  We will discuss your particular concerns and needs and
evaluate your dog.  After our initial meeting, we will meet privately in your home
and other locations to train and introduce you and your dog to typical situations
you will encounter and how to positively work with your dog to reinforce desired

Walk & Train

We take your canine friend for a 30-45 minute walk while you are at work or while
they are boarded/or during day care at Bergen Bark.

We will work on heal, sit, down, stay, wait and canine good manners. It’s a great
way for your dog to get exercise and sharpen their training.


We take your pup for a day and run them down at the local parks!!!
We pick them up from your home or a meeting spot and return at the
end of the day the tired!
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Offering obedience training
and problem solving for dogs
of all ages and breeds
Our first meet and get acquainted
meeting is always FREE!