School Narcotic Sniff Searches

“Even if we only search one classroom, one hallway of lockers or
one common area during our visit word will get around! Kids talk
and soon the whole school will know that drug detection dogs
were on campus.”

Dark Knight K9 can provide random, unannounced visits to
your school to provide a deterrent to the presence of illicit
drugs on campus.  We check lockers, classrooms, common
areas and other areas as requested by school administrators.

Since school administrators are afforded a reduced expectation
of privacy while students are present, we act as an agent of the
school utilizing a trained detection K9 to determine
"reasonable suspicion" for search.  This process allows the
objectivity of the trained K9 to determine the presence of illicit
drugs rather than create potential liability for the school
administrator who individualizes suspicion with respect to a
specific student.

Precedent setting legal cases dictate that the use of canines
and the associated inspections process must be conducted on
a random basis.  Therefore, it is important not to direct the K9
team to specific locations because of a rumor or hunch that an
student may possess drugs on any given day.

Dark Knight K9 detection dogs are trained to detect marijuana,
cocaine, heroin, LSD, methamphetamine and most designer
drugs.  Quite often, the actual presence of one of the above
substances will be found during the course of a narcotic sniff.  
In other instances, the scent of a substance may be present
and yet no physical evidence is found.  This is what we call a
"residual odor".

What happens during a Dark Knight K9 narcotic sniff search?

Initially, a designated school official should enter the
randomly selected classroom or area and announce the
inspection. During that time, the K9 team will remain away
from the students until they depart the room or area.

(The random selection process is defined as a system of objectively
selecting places to be searched, such as the roll of dice or picking room
numbers from a jar)

The designated school official will escort our K9 team and
observe the inspection activities.  Our team will search lockers,
classrooms, common areas and other areas as requested by
school administrators.

In the event the dog identifies a scent, the K9 team will advise
the designated school official where the scent was found.    In
the event illicit drugs are found, it is recorded and sealed in
an evidence bag and custody is signed over to the designated
school official in charge of the search.  The school official is
responsible for any subsequent action.  Dark Knight K9 does
not locate or dispose of any found drugs or drug paraphernalia.

are not affiliated with law enforcement or other government
agencies and we do not notify them of our findings.


1. K9's are NOT used to search people/students
2. K9's are NOT brought in or used for intimidation
3. Students have a "right" to attend and learn in a safe, drug     
free school.
"50% of all students upon
high school graduation
have reported having
tried drugs."

"Every day,
approximately 4,700
American youth
under age 18 try
marijuana for the first
time. That is
about equal to the
enrollment of six
U.S. high schools."
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all rights reserved
"Detecting drug use early saves lives"
"K9's are not a total answer or solution for drug problems but
are one part of the multifaceted answer and are in fact
proactive when used in a professional, positive and
non-disruptive manner."