Residential Narcotic Sniff Searches

Our objective is to detect and eliminate drugs in your home. We
offer parents, spouses and employers of domestic workers a
private, discreet and confidential solution to confirm or
disprove the presence of drugs.   Early intervention is widely
regarded as the key to prevention.  

Dark Knight K9 detection dogs are trained to detect marijuana,
cocaine, heroin, LSD, methamphetamine and most designer
drugs.  Quite often, the actual presence of one of the above
substances will be found during the course of a narcotic sniff.  
In other instances, the scent of a substance may be present and
yet no physical evidence is found.  This is what we call a
"residual odor".

What happens during a Dark Knight K9 narcotic sniff search?

You will escort our K9 team from room to room and observe the
inspection activities. We will search all rooms, garage, vehicles
and any out buildings that you have on your property. If the dog
picks up a scent, it is trained to sit and the handler marks the

We ask that the person of interest not be present to avoid any
conflict.  This will prevent the individual from knowing you had
a search performed and will eliminate any feelings of  anger,
embarrassment or resentment.

In the event the dog identifies a scent, the K9 team will mark
the area and continue on with the search.   Dark Knight K9
does not locate or dispose of any found drugs or drug
paraphernalia.  We will provide you with resources and
information to deal with your situation privately.  Both our visit
and the outcome are totally confidential.

In the event our dog finds no scent evidence of drugs in your
home, you will once again have peace of mind and re-establish
the trust in your child, spouse or employee.

are not affiliated with law enforcement or other government
agencies and we do not notify them of our findings.

Real Estate professionals also find our service invaluable for
detecting the presence of dangerous methamphetamine
residual contaminants prior to selling, purchasing or renting

A special note for parents

Our service enables the parent to privately handle potential
embarrassment and the financial burden associated with hiring
a lawyer to defend a teen drug user in the event that he or she
is arrested. The teen drug user is also saved from the stigma of a
criminal record that includes drug charges, which may prevent
a recovered drug user from getting a good job in the future.  

Please contact Dark Knight and we will arrange a confidential
meeting with you to discuss your needs.

For more information, please visit our
FAQ page.
"Recent studies
show teens as
young as 13 have
already used drugs
as powerful as
cocaine. If they are
caught, they could
face jail time".
"It is important for parents to be proactive in finding out if their
children, nanny's or anyone living in their home are involved in
illicit drugs"
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"Detecting drug use early saves lives"