Drug detecting dogs - The nose "knows"

Our Drug Detecting Dogs are trained to locate the odor of marijuana,
cocaine, heroin, LSD, methamphetamine and other designer drugs
and commonly abused prescription drugs.

There are many ways to conceal drugs but a K9 has the innate ability
that no human has; a nose that's 1000's of time more powerful than
our own!  

Ask any K9 handler about their dog's amazing ability and you will
never hear the end of their amazing stories; from finding one joint
hidden in a bag of coffee beans to finding a person under tons of
ruble after a major disaster.

About our Dogs

All of our dogs are selected based on their play drive and for a
friendly and sweet disposition.  When they find the scent of a drug
they simply sit and then are rewarded with their favorite toy!  

"For drug sniffing dogs, finding the drug is all just a game."

All our dogs are members of the family!  They live in our home with us
and our other pets.  We make sure they have frequent days off for
rest and relaxation.  

Phoenix- Black Labrador Retriever

Phoenix is trained for all major narcotics .  She was trained in Little
Rock Arkansas by  Little Rock K9 Academy.  She is 1 1/2  years old
and her favorite game is "get the tennis ball".

Justin & Phoenix were certified as a K9 team on 03-13-09 by
Little Rock K9 Academy.

Fergus - Black Labrador Retriever

Fergus was adopted from the Colorado Humane Society. He is
currently in training.  After he is finished with training, he will be
searching out narcotics along-side Phoenix.  When not eating or
training, Fergus's  favorite thing to do is to run wild at the Chatfield
Dog Park.

**Fergus is the first adopted dog brought into the training program.  
Our ultimate goal is to adopt/rescue all of our future sniffer dogs. Our
hope is that this program will inspire others to adopt and save a life.  
Our program is called "From Pound to  Sniff Hound".

Italy - Chocolate Labrador Retriever

Italy is a Certified Explosive Detection K9 that Justin worked with at
Disneyland Park in California. Italy retired from Disneyland in 2007.  
Her favorite activities are hogging the couch and volunteering as a
pet therapy dog at a local senior center.  Italy is our official mascot
and ambassador of good will.

Italy & Justin were certified as a team on 07-28-06 by Falco K9

Our dogs medical needs are cared for by Dr. Georgiades at
Just for Paws Veterinary Hospital in Littleton.
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Phoenix in action searching a middle school
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Fergus in action
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