Frequently Asked Questions

How does a dog find drugs?

After many hours, days and weeks of imprinting a dog with the scent
of drugs the dog will begin to hunt for that odor. When the dog finds
what we call a scent cone, the dog will start to zero in on the
strongest point of the odor. The dog is trained to sit as close to that
odor as possible.  The dog is rewarded with his or her favorite toy!  
For a drug sniffing dog, finding drugs is all just a game.

What drugs can dogs detect?

Dogs can detect prescription drugs like Xanax and Oxycontin, and
illegal drugs including ecstasy, marijuana, heroin, methamphetamine,
LSD & cocaine.  We will also train on all new drugs that come to the

Why do I need this service?

Anyone that has the suspicion that their child, spouse, employee or
students might be doing drugs needs our service.  If they have been
found with narcotics in the past, you want to confirm that they are still
not using.

Are there other individuals a parent should consider?

Any person that has access to your home, even a spouse or ex-

Who else may need this service?

Businesses may wish to have a K9 search conducted for the safety of
their employees and to eliminate liability issues. Businesses could
also save money by their insurance giving them a discount for being
proactive in having random drug searches. Most institutions may wish
to engage Dark Knight K9 to be certain their property is a drug drug-
free zone. Also In some matrimonial and custodial disputes, when
alleged drug use may impact custody matters, Dark Knight K9 can be
a less invasive alternative to resolving issues, without the
involvement of law enforcement.

Can a private detective hire dark knight?

We are available for hire by private detective agencies with
permission from the home owner to have a search performed.  One
home owner needs to be present during our search.

What can your business do?

Every business needs a drug free workplace program that includes,
education, testing and other ways of deterrence to maintain a drug
free workplace. Dark Knight is the answer. When your employees
know that Dark Knight makes random visits it will be highly unlikely
that employees will bring drugs to work.

What percentage of random tests should be conducted every
year for an employer or school to maintain an effective
deterrence and detection program?

There is no established percentage of random tests. With random K9
sweeps, your employees or students will never know when we will
show up or how many times we might show up for a K9 search. We
act as a great deterrent for drugs being brought into your work place
or school.

What occurs during a Dark Knight K9 narcotic sniff search?

We will search all rooms, garage, vehicles and any out buildings that
you have on your property. We ask that the person of interest not be
present to avoid any conflict. Also, that anything that could harm the
K9 or that might prove to be a distraction be removed, i.e.  pets,
poisons, chemicals, and any sharp objects.

- Business

We provide periodic, random visits. The frequency is determined by
you. At each site, a designated coordinator from your business will
escort our canine teams and observe the inspection activities. We
check lockers, offices, cubicles, sleeping quarters, common areas,
company vehicles and other areas as requested by business

- School

We provide random, unannounced visits. At each site, a designated
coordinator from the school will escort our canine team and observe
the inspection activities. We normally inspect lockers, gym areas,
common areas, vehicles and classrooms.

What if a K9 Team finds something?

If the K9 picks up the odor of drugs the K9 is trained to go to the
closest point and sit, notifying the handler of the presence of the
odor of drugs.  In the event the dog identifies a scent, the K9 team
will mark the area and continue on with the search.   Dark Knight K9
does not locate or dispose of any found drugs or drug
paraphernalia.  We will provide you with resources and information to
deal with your situation privately.  Both our visit and the outcome are
totally confidential.

Do I only need to engage Dark knight only once?

If the dark Knight K9 Unit makes a positive finding once, you may
wish to schedule regular visits until you are sure that your
intervention has successfully deterred your child or employee from
having drugs available. We are more than happy to schedule regular
follow up sweeps

I trust my kids. Why would I use Dark Knight K9?

Most kids will not admit to drug use.  50% of all students upon high
school graduation have reported having tried drugs. Early
intervention can have a significant impact on the future of anyone
doing or associated with drugs

Isn't this breaching my children's trust?

Parents who have watched their children’s drug use escalate with life
threatening results can only look back and ask themselves what else
they could have done to intervene before their loved one slipped into
heavy drug use. If your child has denied using drugs, but a search
determines that there are drugs in the home. Whose trust has been
broken? If no drugs are found, you have strengthened your bond
and trust.  It is no different than monitoring your children's Internet

Are there other ramifications to drug use I should consider?

Many state and federal laws are placing accountability on parents for
the actions of their children. Should your child be involved in an
incident, you may be held responsible. Should a law enforcement
agency find your teenager with drugs, there is a good chance that
the law enforcement records will become permanent. Your child’s
future will be impacted. For instance, a record of marijuana
possession can disqualify your child for student loans, jobs, military
service, city, state and federal service. These long-term
consequences are often overlooked.

Is Dark Knight K9 affiliated with law enforcement or other
government agencies?

No. We are not affiliated with law enforcement or other government
agencies and we do not notify them of our findings.

If drugs and/or paraphernalia are found, what do I do?

We will give you information to help you access professionals who
have you, your child, spouse, employees or students best interests at
heart. The information provides tips on dealing with the situation and
resources on drug prevention and abuse. If we do confirm the
presence of drugs, you should consider scheduling a follow-up visit
with Dark Knight K9 to make sure your intervention has worked.

Are there Internet sites and stores that cater to selling
paraphernalia and devices to hide illegal drugs?

Yes, way too many! There are hundreds of Internet stores that sell
paraphernalia and concealment devices.  Drugs can be concealed
anywhere and even in plain sight. There are many neighborhood
"head shops" that sell these items as well. We would suggest a quick
trip to a local head shop to take a look around for yourself.  You will
see some items used to hide drugs that you might never have
thought of before.  Some you might have already seen in your home
and not realized what they were.
50% of all students
upon high school
graduation have
reported having tried
drugs. Early
intervention can have
a significant impact on
the future of anyone  
associated with drugs
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