Business Narcotic Sniffs

Dark Knight K9 can provide random, unannounced visits to your
business to provide a deterrent to the presence of illicit drugs in the
work place.  We check lockers, offices, cubicles, sleeping quarters,
common areas, company vehicles and other areas as requested by
business administrators.

Since business administrators are afforded a reduced expectation of
privacy while employees are present, we act as an agent of the
business utilizing a trained detection K9 to determine "reasonable
suspicion" for search.  This process allows the objectivity of the trained
K9 to determine the presence of illicit drugs rather than create potential
liability for the business administrator who individualizes suspicion with
respect to a specific employee.

Precedent setting legal cases dictate that the use of canines and the
associated inspections process must be conducted on a random basis.  
Therefore, it is important not to direct the K9 team to specific locations
because of a rumor or hunch that an employee may possess drugs on
any given day.

What happens during a Dark Knight K9 narcotic sniff search?

The business administrator will escort our K9 team and observe the
inspection activities.  Our team will search lockers, offices, cubicles,
sleeping quarters, common areas, company vehicles and other areas
as requested.   

In the event illicit drugs are found, it is recorded and sealed in an
evidence bag and custody is signed over to the designated business
official in charge of the search.  The business official is responsible for
any subsequent action.  Dark Knight K9 does not locate or dispose of
any found drugs or drug paraphernalia.   Both our visit and the outcome
are totally confidential.

In the event our dog finds no scent evidence of drugs at your business,
you will once again have peace of mind and re-establish the trust in
your employee.

are not affiliated with law enforcement or other government
agencies and we do not notify them of our findings.

Dark Knight K9 detection dogs are trained to detect marijuana, cocaine,
heroin, LSD, methamphetamine and most designer drugs.  Quite often,
the actual presence of one of the above substances will be found
during the course of a narcotic sniff.  In other instances, the scent of a
substance may be present and yet no physical evidence is found.  This
is what we call a "residual odor".


A canine drug detection program is not about invading employee privacy,
it's about maintaining health and safety standards within the workplace.
Drug use impairs a person’s ability to function in their everyday life. Even
if the use of drugs is restricted to outside working hours the effects are
long lasting. A canine drug detection program is able to identity safety
risks and eliminate them. This benefits the company as a whole as well
as the employees.

Quality of Work

Employers have a right to decide on the type of people they want to hire.
A Canine Drug Detection Program ensures the quality of work is not
effected by substance abuse. Overall, a Canine Drug Detection Program
raises the quality of work by simply eliminating employees that use drugs
and are therefore contributing less to the company.

Reduced Health Insurance Costs

Canine Drug Detection Programs effectively clean up the work place in
terms of identifying users. This can greatly reduce health insurance
premiums and health costs for the company. By reducing the amount of
medical costs related to work accidents and drug related illness the
company significantly reduces overall costs.

Reduced Absenteeism

Canine Drug Detection Programs have proven useful in reducing
absenteeism within the workplace. Drug related absenteeism and sick
leave could be devastating to the company in terms of both the cost and
company morale. Random searches help to reduce the amount of
employees using drugs.

Reduced Work Related Accidents

Accidents can and will happen, it’s just the law of nature, but accidents
are more likely when there are drugs involved. A Canine Drug Detection
Program acts as a deterrent to drug use.  Random canine drug searches
may also influence employee’s decision making regarding bringing drugs
to work as the possibility of a search is always there.

Reduced Recruitment Costs

Reduced turnovers mean reduced recruitment costs. The cost of firing,
hiring and training can be elevated if your turnover rates are high. A
Canine Drug Detection Program can help to reduce these costs by
ensuring employees are drug free.

More Productive Employees

Productivity is paramount to success in any workplace. If you can
increase efficiency then you are more likely to meet company goals and
maintain a high level of development. Drug users can slow down
productivity; that is where a Drug Detection Program can be helpful.

Reduced Work Place Conflict

Conflict in the work place can result in diminished productivity and
effectiveness. It is common for drug users to suffer from mood swings
and irrational behavior patterns. This can cause conflict in the workplace
and is not conducive to a harmonious environment.

Fewer Thefts and Claims

There has been a proven reduction in thefts and claims in companies
where a Canine Drug Detection Program is implemented. These
programs significantly contribute to a more safe, productive and conflict
free environment.
The top reasons why your company needs a
canine drug detection program
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substance abusers hold
jobs; one worker in four,
ages 18 to 34, used drugs
in the past year; and one
worker in three knows of
drug sales in the

American council for drug education
"Americans consume 60 percent of the world’s production of illegal drugs: 23
million use marijuana at least four times a week; 18 million abuse alcohol; 6
million regularly use cocaine; and 2 million use heroin.

In the workplace, the problems of these substance abusers become your
problems. They increase risk of accident, lower productivity, raise insurance
costs, and reduce profits. They can cost you your job; they can cost you your life."

American council for drug education