We are licensed by the U. S. Drug Enforcement Administration, and
state regulatory agencies as required.

Member National Narcotic Detector Dogs Association, incorporated

About The Owner - Justin "Mac" MacPherson

Justin has been a Certified
Explosive and Narcotics K9
Handler since 2005.  He
started his career in California
working for the Walt Disney
Company as an Explosive
Detection K9 Handler. Justin
has over 6000 patrol hours
and well over 3000 training
hours. Justin has a passion
for working with dogs and prides
himself on doing the best job
possible and leaving no stone


Certified Explosive K9 handler: K9 Italy July 28, 2006
Certified by Falco K9 academy
Certified Explosive K9 handler: K9 Zoey June 12, 2007
Certified by Master K9 academy
Certified Narcotics K9 handler: K9 Bailey "AKA" Phoenix
March 13, 2009
Certified by Little Rock K9 Academy
NNDDA Book # 46647

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"Dark Knight K9 was started to help keep our
Colorado homes, schools and businesses drug
free. "