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Dark Knight K9 is a confidential drug detection service for residential,
school or business premises. Our drug detecting dogs and certified
handler discreetly perform drug detection sweeps of your home,
business or school. Our dogs are trained to locate the odor of
marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, LSD  and other
designer drugs.
Dark Knight K9 is a privately owned
company offering confidential K9
detection services; residential, school &

We are not affiliated with law
enforcement agencies and we do not
notify them of our findings.
Drug detection dogs - Working K9 to five
    Private homes
    Public schools
    Charter schools
    Private events
    Drug treatment centers
    Event centers
    Concert halls
    Shopping malls
    Storage units
Dark Knight K9 provides you with a confidential method for finding out if
someone you love or if someone you work with is involved with drugs.  
Our drug detection K9's and their certified handlers discreetly visit your
home or business to sniff out any problems.

As it is important for parents to be proactive today when it comes to
teenage drug use, our drug detection teen home inspections offer
parents either immediate notice of a potential life-threatening problem or
some peace of mind.

In the event of a positive alert, Dark Knight K9 provides you with
resources and information to deal with your situation privately. Both the
visit and the outcome are totally confidential.

Our drug detection dogs are also well trained for drug detection work
inspections and can provide businesses with a non-confrontational way
to discover dangerous drug use in the workplace.  Our canines
investigate all areas, letting their handlers know when they have detected
the presence of drugs.

Please contact us to set up a confidential appointment for your home or
Where Dark Knight K9 can go
Private -
Not affiliated with police or
other law enforcement
Confidential -
decide what you want to do
with the results of our
Discreet -
at your home or place of
business in an unmarked
vehicle.  No one need
know that you hired us
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all rights reserved
updated  10/12/12
A valuable service to any individual, company or school
serious about a drug-free environment.
There are a many significant benefits associated with hiring a
professional Dark Knight detection dog and handler.  First and most
importantly, we are not affiliated with police or law enforcement which
allows our clients the opportunity to handle the situation without the
intervention of the police, court system, or the department of social
We are available to inspect private homes, schools & commercial facilities
for the presence of illegal drugs.  We help you maintain a drug free
environment for safety, learning and working!
Ensuring your child is safe from drugs requires a drug free school. Dark
Knight K9 services educational premises "sniffing" out hallways, lockers,
social areas, locker rooms, gyms, parking lots, and dorms. As a parent
one of the most crucial policies to demand from your school board is a
drug free campus.
Drug detecting services for schools
"Over 85% of high school
students and 44% of middle
school students report seeing
drugs used, sold or stored on
Substance Abuse Research
Drug detecting services for home and business
"50% of teens in treatment
programs say they had used
drugs for at least two years
before their parents knew…”
"More than 70 percent of
substance abusers hold jobs; one
worker in four, ages 18 to 34, used
drugs in the past year; and one
worker in three knows of drug
sales in the workplace."

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